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May meeting – Show and Tell

At this months meeting we had a few show a tell items which we have photos of to share with all. These were for two separate projects:
1) Knock-down Cradle:
The cradle was made by Ron Spradley for his first grandchild/granddaughter, Farren. The cradle knocks down with the removal of diagonal pegs at each end and the feet are removed via wingnuts through bolts. The cradle then can be packed into a custom carrying case, and taken whenever needed. It then easily is put back together by adding the feet back to the base, adding an end and the two sides, which fit through mortise and tenon joints and affixed via the pegs. The plans came for the cradle came from the September 2007 issue #178 of Wood Magazine
Knock-down Cradle

2) Coffee table made from turn of the century toolbox:
The coffee table was a custom commissioned project which required welding up of a metal stand… and while not TECHNICALLY a “wood project” it was for a very interesting and very old wooden toolbox. Matt Schreiner welded up the custom stand to fit the toolbox with a MIG welder out of 1″ square tube, diagonally braced for each leg, with small feet attached. The metal was then ground and painted with flat black professional acrylic rustolium and delivered to the client in South Austin.
Toolbox Coffee Table
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