Owl Boxes Building Party

Earlier today a number of the South Austin Woodworkers gathered at Bill Archers shop and built 20 Owl Boxes for Wildlife Rescue. These boxes have a few final touches left, namely attachment of the cleats to hold the roof on, and a mechanism added to allow the roof to be wired closed (to keep Raccoons and such out!) to keep the baby Owls safe. This will be done on the afternoon of Tuesday May 7th at 3:30pm. We will finish the boxes, head out for dinner, and then attend our monthly meeting.

Here are a few photos from the building party:

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Owl Box Building Day – Sunday, April 28th @ Bills

The group has had a request for more Owl Boxes. Bill has graciously offered to host again, so we will be gathering at his place on Sunday, April 28th… say at around 10am. We are hoping to build around 20 boxes.

I’ll send out a reminder as the date draws closer, but if anyone is interested in helping with the build that’s when we’ll be aiming to do it. :)

Owl Boxes building party

At the last meeting Owl boxes were discussed again and Bill Archer has agreed to host another Owl Box workday at his shop this Saturday (July 7) starting at 9:00 am. If you cannot attend this one there may be another scheduled in the month of July.

At the last workday for this worthy cause, we completed some boxes but the work was slowed greatly by having to edge glue boards to create stock wide enough for the boxes and waiting for the glue to dry.

At the last meeting, Ron Spradley let us know that he had obtained a supply of used fence boards and has been spending quite a bit of his time gluing them into wider stock suitable for owl boxes. He estimates that he has enough glued stock to complete about 20 more Owl Boxes. This will allow us to complete the boxes at a much faster rate than previously. I encourage all members to come and join us.

Many thanks to Ron for giving us a jump start on completing the boxes.