Tutorial: Building a Bandsaw box with a Hidden Drawer

Our Member Box Nix put together a series of photos as a tutorial as to how to create a Bandsaw Box which incorporates a Hidden Drawer!

Step 1: Remove the Back of your block

Step 2: Cut out your drawer(s)

Step 3: Remove the Front and Back from your Drawer(s)

Step 4: Glue the outside body back together where the saw entered the block to cut out your drawer

Step 5: Cut out your drawer recess, being sure to leave enough room at the bottom to allow for your hidden drawer

Step 6: Glue the back piece onto the drawer

Step 7: Cut out your hidden drawer

Step 8: Remove the front and back from your hidden drawer

Step 9: At this point you have to make a decision as to how to open your hidden drawer. If you want a drawer pull, cut down your drawer to allow for the spacing of the pull. If you want to use a ribbon (as the tutorial shows) then you could skip this part… Now cut out your hidden drawer recess

Step 10: Glue the front and back of your hidden drawer back on, and add your ribbon pull (or glue on your drawer pull).

Step 11: Glue the saw curf for your hidden drawer closed, and then glue the front back onto the main drawer.

Step 12: Glue the back of the main box back on… and your box is now complete! You will likely want to glue or attach some drawer pulls to your (non-hidden) drawers at this point. Generally these are easy to cut out from the wood from your drawer cutouts and you can then match the grain to the front of your drawer at the same point if you are careful, tho that’s not required.

Sand and finish to taste… Also note, if you intend to sand the INSIDE of your drawers, it’s best to do so BEFORE gluing the front and back on, as getting sand paper inside those spaces after that is done can be VERY difficult.

Thank you again to Bob Nix for putting this set of tutorial photos together!

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